new “Wonderland Magazine 2017 Spring Issue”

new “Café Müller”
for Wonderland Magazine

new “Marialux”
- Camice -

new “Vondel 2018 ss(bts)”

Spring/Summer 17

- Tapestry -

>“Chalayan Menswear”

>“Knit 991 2018ss”

“Vondel 2018 pre-ss(bts)”


“Inner Lights”
for Zink Magazine

“Schön! Magazine”

Holly-May Saker
For Gingerale

for The Glass Magazine

“Madama 2017”
for Glass magazine

“Tank Magazine”
with Ren Hang

“Memories of Green”
for Glass magazine

“Dies Irae”
Official music video

“Tokyo Midnight”
for Barom Magazine

“Vondel 2017 aw(bts)”

“Vondel 2017 pre-aw(bts)”

for Hector Mag

for Teatro Contatto 32

“Feast of Listen”
for Shoppinghour Mag

“Ligature II”

“Black Rabbit”

- Disrobe -

for Hideki Seo

“Victoria Beckham”
2014 s/s Lookbook

Charlie Le Mindu
& Isamaya Ffrench at GL

for C-heads Mag

“Girls will be girls”
Union Mag #4

“Anna and Sonya at Select”
Union Mag #3

“Night & Day”
for Condad Hotels

DVD Trailer

objetstandard 08ss
essencial version

objetstandard 07aw
essencial version

objetstandard 05aw
original version

objetstandard 04ss
original version

objetstandard 03ss
original version

by j.p.carrasco

4°C 10
bridal collection

Filmed and Directed by Eori Wakakuwa

Victoria Beckham, Chalayan, Lancôme, Jean Paul Knott, Conrad Hotels,
Affligem, Black Rabbit, Galeries Lafayette, Atelier Marialux, Teatro Contatto,
Project Mooncircle, Shiseido, Schön Magazine, Wonderland Magazine,
Tank Magazine, Glass Magazine, Volt Magazine, Baron Magazine,
Ligature Magazine, Zink Magazine, C-heads Magazine
Union Magazine, T Magazine China, Modearn Weekly China

Contact: wakakuwa[at]